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What We Do

Benca Process and Engineering Solutions Ltd. offers a range of industry-standard software solutions that the meet specific intelligence, drafting, design and management needs of a wide range of engineering scenarios. As an authorized channel partner of Bentley and Procore, we offer trusted and reliable solutions.

Our Products

Streamline your infrastructure projects with our tailored applications and services, aimed at improving collaboration and information flow among your team. Our products are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of engineers, architects, contractors, inspectors, governments, institutions, utilities, owner-operators, and other infrastructure roles, allowing for more productive design, build, and operation, better global collaboration, and sustainable infrastructure asset delivery.

Customized Solutions for Your Industry

Today’s infrastructure projects require integrated solutions to meet the demands of multi-discipline project teams actively engaged in planning, design, construction, and operations. Bentley offers a comprehensive range of world-class software solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of infrastructure professionals. Whether you work across several industries and project types or focus in one, our solutions will support your work throughout the asset lifecycle.

Each solution is based on recommended software applications from Bentley’s extensive software portfolio. Solution Playbooks and profession-based Playlists guide you to the right software capabilities for your project. Underpinning our solutions is a common platform that enables you to collaborate and share data more effectively across the extended project enterprise.

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At Benca, we understand that learning and support are important to you. Rest assured, you are not alone, as we are fully committed to your growth and success.


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