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Unified Engineering Information Resource System

Owner-operators know that operation and maintenance margins in process plants are razor thin. Capital projects have ever shortening timelines to get products to market faster at the lowest cost. Managers must look for and exploit every opportunity to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Provides superior asset lifecycle information management (ALIM) for owner-operators. AssetWise improves information integrity and operational efficiency while streamlining the business processes associated with sustaining infrastructure assets over their lifecycles.

Operations isn’t the only part of a plant’s lifecycle that’s of importance to owner-operators. Greenfield and brownfield projects constantly require visibility into plant design and construction processes.

OpenPlant is the first and only plant design engineering suite designed with ISO 15926 as an intrinsic schema to provide powerful interoperability (Are you ready for ISO 15926?).

  • Interoperable for global projects
  • Trustworthy, dynamic information
  • Lifetime value

AutoPLANT is the premier plant design engineering suite, providing highly intuitive and easy-to-use capabilities.

  • The most widely used AutoCAD-based 3D piping design software
  • Industry proven
  • Robust, scaled design environment
  • Integrated project environment

Issues related to construction start at the beginning of the project to ensure all aspects of the design are passed through to construction. Construction deliverables should not be an afterthought. Bentley ConstructSim takes design models and helps create schedules for efficient, safe construction management.

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