Plant Conceptual Design Software Products

Front-End Engineering and Conceptual Plant Design

Eighty percent of costly plant decisions are made in the conceptual design stage.

Concept design selection involves choosing an optimum process as well as identifying an optimum layout for the proposed facility. Bentley provides software tools to accelerate the screening process and assess any impact it may have on total project cost, constructability, operability, or maintenance concerns, and then seamlessly pass the Design Basis forward into front-end engineering and design (FEED).

The tools cover crucial deliverables such as P&IDs, initial 3D plant model, instrumentation and electrical schematics, procurement data sheets for long-lead items, and tools for collaborative reviews and content management.

Bentley’s approach allows engineering consultants to deliver FEED projects on time and with a high degree of change management and design history and the ability to capture as well as apply best design practices for delivering an even higher value engineering service to the plant owners.

Bentley AXSYS.Process is a powerful front-end engineering design (FEED) system that streamlines the workflow for conceptual plant design. It improves FEED by allowing increased evaluation of conceptual design cases as well as leveraging corporate knowledge to reduce capital expenditure.

Bentley PlantWise enables rapid creation of automatically piped 3D plant concepts for immediate collaborative review well in advance of detailing. PlantWise can save lifecycle costs through early review of the 3D design for maintenance and operability concerns.

OpenPlant is the first and only plant design engineering suite designed with ISO 15926 as an intrinsic schema to provide powerful interoperability (Are you ready for ISO 15926?).

  • Interoperable for global projects
  • Trustworthy, dynamic information
  • Lifetime value

AutoPLANT is the premier plant design engineering suite, providing highly intuitive and easy-to-use capabilities.

  • The most widely used AutoCAD-based 3D piping design software
  • Industry proven
  • Robust, scaled design environment
  • Integrated project environment


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