Offshore Analysis and Design Software

Analysis and Design Software for Offshore Engineering and Marine Projects

Analysis and design of offshore platforms and vessels are some of the greatest technical challenges in the offshore engineering profession. To address this, Bentley proudly offers SACS, MOSES, and Maxsurf – a range of software proven in offshore and marine industry-specific capabilities.

With nearly 40 years as the mainstay for offshore engineers worldwide, SACS provides applications for the structural analysis and design of new and existing offshore structures for the oil, gas, and wind energy industries. Its comprehensive code checking and advanced analysis methods make it the tool of choice for jackets and topside structures.

MOSES is Bentley’s newest offshore product and is the industry standard for hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis associated with offshore installation projects. In addition, MOSES is used for assessing motions and moorings of FPSOs and other floating systems and integrates with SACS for determining structural response.

Bentley also supports design of offshore, commercial, and naval vessels via the Maxsurf software. It provides naval architects with software tools for all phases of the vessel analysis and design process.

Discover more about Bentley software products that support offshore and marine projects to ensure compliance, reduce rework, and promote the exploration of more design alternatives:

Software for the analysis and design of offshore structures:

  • SACS: Designs and analyzes offshore oil, gas, and wind farm structures
  • MOSES: Simulates hydrostatic and hydrodynamic behavior of offshore installations and floating systems
  • AutoPIPE: Performs advanced pipe stress analysis
  • ProSteel: Models, details, and fabricates structural steel and metal work
  • ConstructSim: Optimizes construction management, workface planning, and scheduling
  • ISM: Maximizes structural information interoperability and integrates workflows
  • gINT: Analyzes subsurface soil and foundation of seabeds
  • AssetWise: Manages asset lifecycle information for owner-operators of highly engineered assets
  • ProjectWise: Offers infrastructure project collaboration and AECO information management

Software for the analysis and design of marine vessels:

  • MAXSURF: Models vessels, assesses stability and strength, predicts motions and resistance
  • MicroStation: Designs and details vessels


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