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Nuclear Operations

Asset Information Management for Improved Safety and Compliance

Despite the natural disaster and resulting issues at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, nuclear energy will be part of our future power generation for some time. The lifecycle of a nuclear facility requires strict governance to ensure compliance with regulatory and licensing commitments. The impact of non-compliance can cause an organization to be heavily burdened with costs from penalties and additional regulatory oversight and can even lead to the shutdown of a facility.

The value chain for nuclear projects is significantly different from those of the engineering and construction industries. It includes rigorous configuration management and regulatory requirements at every step in the facility lifecycle to ensure plant safety. The value proposition of the Bentley power generation solution is very compelling for the nuclear industry.

eB Insight Nuclear
eB Insight, part of the AssetWise platform, provides nuclear operations professionals with a suite of information management applications that ensures the integrity of controlled information by uniquely managing its connectivity to all other relevant information throughout the lifecycle of any nuclear facility. It captures, stores, and manages structured data and unstructured content, including records, specifications, engineering drawings, procedures, reports, emails, design documents, and licensing documents, and identifies and relates this content through object modeling to physical items such as equipment, systems, structures, and components.

eB Insight Nuclear applications comply with nuclear industry guidelines and NRC regulations wherever applicable. Each application is designed and implemented with the support and guidance of nuclear users to ensure they meet industry needs. eB Insight includes nuclear applications for compliance, design engineering, information management, knowledge management, performance improvement, cyber security, and training.

Bentley AutoPIPE
Bentley AutoPIPE is the most comprehensive piping analysis software for nuclear piping projects around the world. Bentley AutoPIPE is one of the few PC-based pipe stress programs approved for use in nuclear safety applications. It has been approved by the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee and has passed numerous independent onsite audits.

Bentley STAAD.Pro allows structural engineers to analyze and design virtually any type of structure through its flexible modeling environment. STAAD.Pro structural analysis and design software has gone through ISO 9001 certification and passed this stringent software validation.


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