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Geotechnical and GeoStructural Software

Subsurface investigations and analysis are at the core of virtually all major civil, building, plant, and other infrastructure projects: roads, bridges, railways, and structures of all types. Subsurface explorations for potentially hazardous materials are crucial for remediating, preserving, and sustaining our environment. With the surge in infrastructure growth and maintenance as well as increasing concerns about our environment (soil and groundwater contamination), the need for accessible, actionable subsurface data continues to grow.

Bentley’s gINT software provides centralized data management and reporting for geotechnical subsurface projects of all types. gINT allows users to streamline processes, provides accessible, interoperable data, and enhances subsurface reporting for soils, borelogs, lab tests, and more while increasing productivity and supporting engineering knowledge and judgment.

GeoStructural Analysis (GSA) is a comprehensive integrated suite that addresses a wide range of geotechnical and analysis challenges including shoring excavation, retaining walls, foundation, settlement, slope stability, tunnels, pilling, and more. The integrated modules share a common workflow that allows easy review of alternate designs that conform to industry standards and specifications, as well as analysis by discrete construction stages, various analysis scenarios, or evaluation of analytical solution versus Finite Element Method (FEM) solution of the same geotechnical problem.

Bentley’s geotechnical software is designed by experienced engineers who fully understand the standards and requirements that facilitate high-quality data management, reporting, and analysis in the industry.

Supporting Products

  • MicroStation
    Design, Model, Visualize, Document, and Map

  • Power InRoads
    Civil Engineering Road and Transportation Infrastructure Design 3D CAD Software

  • Power GEOPAK
    Civil Engineering Road Design and Transportation Infrastructure Software

    String-based Modeling for Road and Highway Design, Rehabilitation, and Renewal
  • SpecWave Composer
    Create, Control, and Comply with Engineering Specifications, Codes, and Standards
  • Bentley Products for Mapping
    Creation and Maintenance of Base Maps


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