3D Imaging and Point-cloud Software Products

Uniquely Powerful Processing of 3D Images and Point Clouds

The use of relevant imagery and documents in infrastructure projects is made timely and cost-effective thanks to Bentley’s 3D imaging and point-cloud software products.

For infrastructure professionals who need to capture, process, or reuse existing site condition data, Bentley’s 3D imaging and point-cloud processing products enable data reuse across the broadest portfolio of applications without time-consuming transformation.

Bentley’s software products streamline capture-to-model workflows, eliminate time-consuming translations, and uniquely accelerate image and point-cloud data performance while maintaining the rich visual quality, accuracy, and detail that makes the data so valuable.

Bentley Descartes supports hybrid workflows, seamlessly combining raster images, vector geometry, and point clouds through advanced 3D image and point-cloud processing routines.

Bentley Pointools supports point-cloud viewing, animation, editing, differencing, and clash detection in stand-alone workflows, enabling the fast pre-processing of point-cloud data.

Visit the following Bentley products and free iWare apps:


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