AssetWise CONNECT Edition

Leverages Connected Data Environment to Advance Comprehensive Asset Performance

AssetWise CONNECT Edition now completes the CONNECT Edition.  The CONNECT Editions of AssetWise and ProjectWise provide and share a connected data environment, upgrading a common data environment to fully realize the BIM potential of digital engineering models, created during CAPEX, for continuous use and benefit throughout the OPEX lifecycle.

Aligned with BIM, PAS, and ISO standards and guidelines for asset management, AssetWise CONNECT Edition delivers comprehensive asset performance by:

  • Providing structured control of asset information and managed change throughout the asset lifecycle;
  • Reducing risk associated with asset failure through proactive inspection and maintenance programs and smarter decisions for improved asset reliability, integrity, and performance;
  • Ensuring better operational decisions with data mining, aggregation, and calculation tools for right-time predictions and actions; and
  • Facilitating the interoperation of multiple data sources for visibility of mission-critical asset information.

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